Why a Health Coach, Why Now?

These days I get to eat what I want and not worry about how it's going to make me feel or feel guilty about my choices.  But it wasn't always this way....

Years ago, I struggled with a digestive issue that caused me to have painful episodes that even prescribed meds couldn't soothe.  Added to that I had a very stressful job.  Coming home every evening, while   I didn't feel like eating much of anything, my combo of Edy's Rocky Road ice cream, along with antacids and Advil, seemed to both reward and soothe me after a stressful day.  I knew I wasn't living at my best.

One day I ran across information about a sugar class being taught by a health coach and I knew deep in my spirit something was about to change.

That was when I transformed...once I started implementing the information I learned, I found out my issue was a cycle of addressing my stress using sugar and food, which had manifested into a digestive issue.  As I learned to manage stress better, drawing closer to God, my sugar issue came into focus, and my relationship with food changed.  The digestive issue went away and I felt better than ever in every area of my life.

My own experience turned into a passion which fueled me to become certified as a Holistic Health Coach at Integrative Nutrition and also receive graduate training as a coach.  I've coached many people who've received this same transformation through changing their habits.

I'd love to help you!